Dear Seller, We LOVE Your Home!

Dear Seller, We LOVE Your Home!

Let’s say you’re competing with several other buyers for the same home and are looking for a way to make your offer stand out. You may already be offering more than asking price and terms favorable to the sellers, but other buyers could doing the same.

To give themselves more of an edge in these situations, some buyers are submitting “love letters” along with their offer. In them, buyers typically compliment the sellers on their home, say how much they love it, and explain why it would be the perfect home for them. In addition to personal information about themselves, buyers may include photos of their family and pets.

Are Love Letters a Good Idea?

Some experts think these letters can be problematic. They say sellers should refrain from reading love letters to avoid unconscious bias when choosing an offer. When sellers have personal information about buyers, it could open them up to potential claims of discrimination by those who feel their offer was wrongly overlooked in violation of federal or state fair-housing laws.

Some listing agents caution sellers against reading any love letters they may receive. Instead, they advise sellers to focus only on the details of the offers, such as price, deposit amount, settlement date, financing, inspections, and other contingencies. Sellers who don’t want to receive love letters can ask their agent to clarify up front that buyers should not submit them and that any letters received will not be read.

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