Home Inspection Headaches

Home Inspection Headaches

Home inspectors typically evaluate many aspects of a home and can identify a range of concerns, from electrical problems to missing roof shingles. Here are a few examples of the more serious issues home inspectors have uncovered.

Foundation Damage

Problems with a home’s foundation can be significant and may cause buyers to walk away from a sale. In one small cape cod, the inspector was surprised to find a substantial amount of standing water in the crawl space, along with evidence it been there for an extended time. The resulting damage was considerable, and the home needed structural repairs. Though the sellers said they would address the problems, the buyers weren’t confident that the work would be sufficient and did not go through with the sale.

Hidden Plumbing Problems

Plumbing issues are often obvious, like a leaking faucet or shower head, but some can’t be seen and may cause extensive damage. In one upscale home, the inspector discovered mold on the interior garage wall behind shelving and also found mold where water was leaking through a corner of the basement ceiling. His detective work traced both problems to a drain line leak in a second-floor bathroom. When the shower ran, water dripped behind the drywall down to the garage, causing the mold, and continued down to the basement. Because it would be difficult to verify that the damage was limited to those areas, and because there were additional issues the inspection uncovered, the buyers did not go through with the sale.

Electrical Surprises

Some electrical problems are easily addressed, but others can require significant work. In one suburban home, the inspector discovered that the wrong kind of electrical wiring had been used throughout the entire home. The home had to be completely re-wired, which the sellers agreed to do, and the buyer went through with the sale.

Even when there is no single issue serious enough to jeopardize the sale, an inspector may find a host of smaller problems, which together result in a hefty repair bill. As these examples show, home inspections can help buyers avoid expensive repairs down the line and are well worth the cost.

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