Montgomery County Among Top 100 Healthiest in the US

Montgomery County Among Top 100 Healthiest in the US

Another great reason to live in Montgomery County is its ranking in the top 100 healthiest counties in the United States, according to a new report by US News & World Report. Out of almost 3,000 counties, Montgomery County ranked 93 this year, an improvement from 140 last year. Chester County ranked 106, and Bucks County ranked 271.

According to the analysis, just 4.6% of Montgomery County’s population lacks health insurance, substantially lower than the national median of 10.6%. Montgomery County’s life expectancy is 80.9 years, compared with the national median of 77.5 years.

The study covers counties and county-equivalents like Louisiana parishes, the District of Columbia, and census areas in Alaska. Counties were evaluated on the basis of 84 metrics in ten categories, with weights assigned to each category:

  • Population Health   14.2%
  • Equity   12.23%
  • Education   12.15%
  • Economy   11.1%
  • Housing   9.5%
  • Food and Nutrition   8.8%
  • Environment   8.6%
  • Public Safety   8.5%
  • Community Vitality   7.6%
  • Infrastructure   7.5%
US News & World Report worked with independent experts and the University of Missouri Extension Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems. The Aetna Foundation helped fund the project.

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