Remodeling Projects with the Highest Payoff

Remodeling Projects with the Highest Payoff

Which remodeling projects provide the highest return on investment? According to Remodeling’s 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, exterior projects top the list. One explanation why these projects offer the best returns is that they improve curb appeal, which is important to buyers as they decide which homes to tour.

The two remodeling projects with the biggest payoff in the Mid-Atlantic region are garage door replacement and the installation of manufactured stone veneer. When selling, homeowners recouped an average of 93% of the cost of new garage doors and 91.9% of the cost of manufactured stone veneer.

Other top projects in the Mid-Atlantic region include siding replacement—both fiber cement and vinyl—and window replacement. The only interior project in the report’s top five is minor kitchen renovation, with an average return of about 75.6%.

Return on investment isn’t usually the only reason homeowners tackle renovations, but having an idea of the likely payoff of projects you’re considering makes good financial sense and will help you understand what you might recoup.

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