Single Women More Likely to Buy Homes Than Single Men

Single Women More Likely to Buy Homes Than Single Men

In a long-running trend, single women continue to buy more homes than single men. The latest data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that 60% of homebuyers are married couples, 19% are single women, 9% are single men, and 9% are unmarried couples.

Nationally, the average sale price for homes purchased by single women is $230,000, versus $249,000 for single men. In addition to earning less than men on average, more single women report making financial sacrifices to purchase a home, including reducing spending on clothes, entertainment, and non-essential items.

When choosing a home, single women are more likely than single men to report wanting to live near family and friends. They are also more likely to have a child under age 18 living with them and to buy intergenerational housing.

In 1981 when NAR started tracking the data, 11% of homebuyers where single women, 10% were single men, 73% were married couples, and 6% were unmarried couples.

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