What to Expect When Downsizing

What to Expect When Downsizing

The thought of downsizing creates mixed emotions for many homeowners. Many can’t wait to move into a smaller house with less upkeep but have a hard time leaving the place they’ve called home for many years.

One thing everyone should expect when downsizing it that you probably have more possessions than you realize. Another is that you may find it hard to let some of them go. My experience has been that homeowners who are downsizing typically need three to six months to get their house ready to put onto the market.

One way to get started is to sort items by category, which will show you how many of the item you have. For example, if you have a lot of flower vases, gather them together in one place and decide how many you’ll have room for, which to keep, and which to give away. Then stick with your decision. This process works with many types of items.

Most people downsizing won’t be able to use all their furniture in their new location. Consider donating pieces to a local thrift store. If you plan to sell some pieces, be prepared that prices people are willing to pay may be much lower than you expected.

One of the more difficult aspects of downsizing can be parting with items given to you by a close friend or family member. Consider taking photos of these items and then letting the items themselves go.

For book lovers who will no longer have space for their collections, donate to your local library where your books can be appreciated by a new generation of readers.

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